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Тест по английскому языку

Cambridge is (-) town in England.
What’s the time? (-) six o’clock.
Are there (-) buses in Portsmouth after midnight?
Tom (-) to the disco every weekend.
How long does the train take to (-) to London?
What’s Peter like? He (-).
Donald (-) sixteen tomorrow.
Is Chris (-) Catherine?
Phone me when you get (-).
My brother is very (-) football.
In 1980 one of the Beatles (-).
The old man (-) his name.
The girl who is standing (-) the window is my sister.
In winter it sometimes (-).
She (-) the cups and some of them broke.
If it (-) tomorrow, we’ll have a picnic.
He was (-) tired to go on working.
Every old house has (-) strange stories.
“Why haven’t they arrived?” “They (-) the plane.”
He was left alone with (-) to look after him
I am leaving England (-) the second of August.
She (-) anything yesterday.
If I (-) about this yesterday, I would have informed you.
She’s been very kind, (-)?
The children (-) when they see the toys.
The police have caught the men (-) stole the car.
Robert is going to come back to Ireland (-) a few days.
He asked me if we (-) to discuss this question the next day.
The hotel is not ready because the work (-) too slowly.
He isn’t (-) to reach the ceiling.
I told them how to get here, but perhaps I (-) given them a map
This town is not a very interesting place to visit, so (-) tourists come here.
He has gone to London (-) some new books.
I (-) to play more tennis than I do now.
She didn’t want to buy it, (-).
I was late for the meeting because my car (-).
Drive carefully because there are lots of (-) in the road.
He looked up at the house as if he (-) how to get in.
The earliest known manuscript of “Beowulf” (-) in the British museum.
I am not sure (-) he will come tomorrow.
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